Stagione di prosa, lake Trasimeno, Umbria


From 24/11/2018 To 21/03/2019


Stagione di prosa, lake Trasimeno, Umbria

The subscription campaign for the Teatro Cesare Caporali di Panicale theatre season begins on Saturday, 17 November. Mayor Giulio Cherubini comments: The 2018-2019 season marks one of Panicale’s most awaited cultural appointments. Our collaboration with the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria has, over the years, allowed us to bring you some of the finest performances on the Italian theatre circuit. Once again the Cesare Caporali theatre, with the collaboration of the Office for Culture, the Compagnia del Sole and the Artistic Director, presents the public with important Italian actors who will perform a wide variety of pieces that combine tradition, current works and a cross-over between theatre, dance and music.

The first show premiers on Saturday, 24 November with the Teatro Stabile’s rendition of Occident Express, starring Ottavia Piccolo accompanied by the multiethnic orchestra of Arezzo. Occident Express is the heart rendering story of an old woman in Mosul who flees the war zone over the Balkan route with her 4 yr old granddaughter in tow.

The next show is another of the Teatro’s affirmed productions, Pueblo, starring one of the country’s great narrators, Ascanio Celestini. It goes on stage Friday, 14 December, accompanied by original music by Gianluca Casadei. It too is touching story of life on the fringes of society.

On Saturday, 12 January, the Premio in Box winning Sempre Domenica goes on stage. It is a piece about the workplace, about how work wears away, consumes and obliterates one’s time, energy and dreams. Six actors play out a series of stories that portray lives and how they intertwine.

The season continues on Friday, 15 February, with Shakespeare’s Il Racconto d’Inverno (The Winter’s Tale). Directed by Andrea Baracco, one of Italy’s finest, it features young actors from the Compagnia dei Giovani del Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria. The famous play induces the audience to relax into an intriguing series of fantastical whimsy.

Then there’s dance… on Saturday, 2 March, it’s the turn of INA/SUITE by choreographer Afshin Varjavandiin, featuring young dancers who have followed him and shared his energetic, innovative style of brief dances and recent works. The evening showcases the powerful talent of the dancers, brilliant rhythm and energetic contemporary beauty.

The season concludes on Thursday, 21 March, with Mister Buffo, Nobel winner Dario Fo’s most famous work, the piece that made the author’s name an historic one. Masterfully directed by Eugenio Allegri, Matthias Martelli brings forth all the quirky brilliance that became a model for theatre productions all over Italy for the last two decades.   

For information, call the Ufficio Cultura del Comune di Panicale 075 837 710.

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