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Typical Products

The Fagiolina of Trasimeno
Cultivated here since the times of the Etruscans and the Greeks, this tiny bean thrives in the ideal climate and terrain of Lake Trasimeno.  It can be easily recognized by its small size and various colours.The fagiolina is used by gourmets and great chefs in both traditional dishes and brand new modern recipes.  The Trasimeno Fagiolina Consortium was founded in 2002 to safeguard its production and guarantee its quality, and since 2002 it has been part of the Slow Food.

Trasimeno Fish
Fish has been a vital source of nutrition for the local people since time immemorial.  Today’s professional fishermen work together united by a cooperative.  The fish they catch are regina carp, eel, tench, royal bass, pike and silversides.  The regina carp is best cooked in porchetta and is Trasimeno’s best known fish.  It roe is used to make soups and as dressing for pasta dishes.  The area’s famous “tegamaccio”, which gets its name from the crock pot in which it is prepared, is a delicious fish soup.

The Saffron of Cittą della Pieve
This magical plant is famous for the beauty of its purple flower and its crimson red stigmas which dye everything a splendid yellow.  Today, saffron is mostly used in cooking and some of the finest local restaurants specialize in its use. There is now a consortium dedicated to safeguarding saffron, promoting its use and maintaining high production standards so that this local specialty will retain its unusual typical characteristics. 

Wine grapes have been cultivated here on the hills of Trasimeno since the days of the Etruscans. The mild climate of Lake Trasimeno and the slopes of the hills that surround it offer the vines perfect exposure to the sun. The district is known for such autochthonous varieties as Grechetto a ‘white’ grape that makes straw yellow wine with flashes of light green and Gamay del Trasimeno of the Grenache family, a ‘black’ grape that makes a garnet coloured wine of varying intensity.

Olive oil is one of the Trasimeno region’s oldest and most typical products. Vast expanses of groves cloak the hillsides and characterise the landscape, offering a fine quality extra virgin olive oil that has been certified and guaranteed by the DOP(Denomination of Protected Origin) Umbria seal and with the geographic Colli del Trasimeno denomination. The quality olive oils are made using mostly the Dolce Agogia, Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo varietals.