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The Park and the Islands

The “La Valle” Oasis is the most interesting part of Lake Trasimeno, from a naturalistic point of view.   Its shallow waters and extensive cane fields make it an important stopover and nesting place for thousands of birds along their annual migration routes.   The Oasis is open to visitors all year round as follows:  from every morning from 9 to 1 pm and then again in the afternoon (October through May) from 3 pm to 6 pm, and (June to September) from 4 pm to 8 pm. Guided tours are offered with an audio guide (English and Italian) and there is a wooden walkway over the water with observatory.  The Oasis also has a bird ringing facility.
From june to september,"Guided nature walks", from 10:30am to noon: explore Italy’s oldest lake, engage in some bird watching and learn about bird ringing, visit the water lily garden. Children under the age of 7 free, from 7 to 14 €4, adults €6.
 Info: www.oasinaturalisticalavalle.it-  Tel. +39  075 84 72 865 -+39 328 30 55 083 (M.Maddalena Chiappini)

Isola Polvese falls under the jurisdiction of Castiglione del Lago and is the largest of the three islands.  It bears witness to many centuries of history with such churches as the Chiesa di San Secondo, the Monastero Olivetano, the Chiesa di San Giuliano and a recently restored 14th century castleThe Porcinai Pool (in the Aquatic Plants garden) is also very interesting.  It was created in the late 1950s by landscape architect Pietro Porcinai.

Environmental sustainability is the philosophy with which the island is managed and it has resulted in the creation of an educational scientific park which conducts research, offers classes and teaches students about the environment.  The island is home to an hostel. 

Info: www.provincia.perugia.it/guidetematiche/ambienteterritorio

Servizio Navigazione: www.fsbusitalia.it/fsb/L“offerta/Linee-regionali/Umbria         Tel. +39 075 9637702

Isola Maggiore is under the jurisdiction of Tuoro sul Trasimeno and is the only one of the three islands that has a stable population.  It still preserves the unique atmosphere of a 15th century fishing village.  In 1211 Saint Francis of Assisi came here at Lent to pray and fast in peace and quiet, and there is now a lovely chapel dedicated to his arrival on the island during a violent storm, marking the place where he landed and knelt down in prayer.  One of the feathers in the cap of the island is the Irish-point lace made by the local women.  The Isola Maggiore Museum Circuit indicates the most important places to see on the island. 

Info: Associazione Turistica Pro Loco di  Isola Maggiore -  +39 075 8254233 - isolamaggiore.proloco@gmail.com

Servizio Navigazione:  Tel. +39 075 9637702

Isola Minore. This is the smallest of the three islands, and not much is known about it. Privately owned, it is not inhabited. It falls under the jurisdiction of Passignano sul Trasimeno.

Aeroporto Eleutieri. 
This shoreline airport was named after famed Umbrian aviator Leopoldo Eleuteri and, last century, repurposed as a green zone of some hundred hectares. It serves as a starting point for many a nature walk and cycle excursion and boasts a variety of observation points from which to admire local fauna and flora.   
 In the year 2000, the airport area (grass landing strip 800x30m, 17/35 elev 860 ft - 35 left hand circuit, 17 right hand circuit - 43° 08,16“N 12°01,81“ E) was ENAC certified for use by small, ultra-light leisure craft.
Approach and aerodrome Chart: