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Free tasting at the Strada del Vino in Passignano sul Trasimeno: take a look at the calendar of events and products on our Website: www.stradadelvinotrasimeno.it
A tour of wineries is a great way to get to know the Trasimeno Lake area.
Book your visits to wineries and Wine Tours on
www.stradadelvinotrasimeno.it or call +39 333 985 4593

Contact the winery and take advantage of their special Yes Trasimeno Card promotion!

1)  La Casa Colonica
Loc. La Casella, 1 – Vernazzano  - Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Tel. +39 0758254060    +39 335 8305853 -   www.vinimezzetti.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: Guided tour of the vineyards and free wine tasting 

2)   Az. Montemelino
Fonte S. Angelo, 15 – Tuoro  sul Trasimeno
Tel. +39 0758230127       Fax +39 0758230156 - www.montemelino.com
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount on wines purchased at the winery

3) Az. Agr. Carlo e Marco Carini
Strada del Tegolaro –  Loc. Colle Umberto
Tel./Fax +39 0756059495 - www.agrariacarini.it
Yes Trasimeno Card:  Euro  2.00 discount on guided tours of the farm, includes a snack of bruschetta, cinta senese smoked ham, a sampling of cheese and two glasses of wine

4) Castello di Magione
Viale Cavalieri di Malta, 31 – Magione
New different type of tasting:  La visita del pellegrino, L´aperitivo dei cavalieri, Il pranzo dei castellani, La grande libagione.   Tastings available from Tuesday to Saturday H10/18    -  Appointment always requested 

Info: +39 348 2300768  eventi.castellodimagione@sagrivit.it           www.castellodimagione.it
Yes Trasimeno Card:
Discount of 10% on wine, grappa, olive oil, honey and walnuts,1 free wine tasting with historical visit for every 4 persons.

5) Az.Agr. Pucciarella
Via Case Sparse, 39 - Fraz.  Villa di Magione
Tel. +39 0758409147 – Fax +39 0758409440 - www.pucciarella.it
Yes Trasimeno Card:  10% discount on purchases. Guided tours and sparkling, dessert and other fine wine sampling by appointment in the lovely underground cellar of the XVIII century home

6) Molini Popolari Riuniti Cantina  Terre del Carpine
Via Formanuova, 87 – Magione
Tel. +39 075840298 – Fax +39 075843744 - www.mpr-eu.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount on wine. Tradition, the land and innovation, these are the guiding principles of our company every day

 7) La Casa Dei Cini soc. agr. semplice di R. e C.Cini
Voc. Petroso, 68 - 06066 Pietrafitta (PG)
Tel. +39 349 2594845 - www.lacasadeicini.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount On wine purchased at the winery, by appointment only

8) Cantina Nofrini
Via Case Sparse, 58 – Magione
Tel. +39 075841595 –  +39 3204605322 - www.casaleilpicchio.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount on minimum purchase of Euro  40.00.  Free guided tour of the winery by appointment

9) Cantina  Berioli
Fraz. Montesperello, 21 – Magione
Tel. +39 347 4082172 Elisabetta - 335 5498173 Roberto- www.cantinaberioli.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 20% discount on guided tours with wine tasting

10)  Coldibetto
Voc. Col di Betto – Colle Umberto
Tel. +39  3461454558 Raffaele - www.coldibetto.com
Yes Trasimeno Card: Get a bottle free for every six bottles you purchase at the winery.
Italy Premium Quality year 2017 offer -  www.italiapremiumquality.com

11)  Cantina del Trasimeno Duca della Corgna
Via Roma, 236 – Castiglione del Lago
Tel. +39 0759652493 – Fax +39 0759525303 - www.cantinadeltrasimeno.it
Yes Trasimeno  Card: 10% discount on Duca della Corgna wines

12)  Il Poggio
Via Petrarca, 50 – Macchie –Castiglione del Lago
Tel./Fax +39 075 9680381 - www.vitivinicolailpoggio.com
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount on wines purchased

 13)  Az. Agr. La Querciolana
Via Vieniche, 4 – Panicale
Tel. +39 3668736572 Luisa - +39 3282196849 Alessio  www.laquerciolana.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: Sampling of five wines and "bruschetta"  Euro  5.00 per person

14)  Morami
Voc. Morami –Panicarola – Castiglione del Lago
Tel./Fax +39 075 9589107 - www.morami.it
Yes  Trasimeno Card: Free tasting for card holders.

 15)  Madrevite
Via Cimbano, 36 – Vaiano – Castiglione del Lago
Tel./Fax +39 0759527220 - www.madrevite.com
Yes Trasimeno Card: 30% discount on guided tours with wine tasting

16)  Podere Marella
Loc. Ferretto, 32 – Castiglione del Lago
Tel. +39 0759659028 - +39 3663172990 www.poderemarella.com
Yes Trasimeno Card:  5% discount for YesTrasimeno Card holders.
10% discount on purchases exceeding Euro 100.00

17)  Azienda Agricola Poggio Santa Maria
Loc. La Villa, 30 - Castiglione del Lago
Dr. Teodoro Calvo + 39  347 9309224 - www.poggiosantamaria.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: Free tasting and guided tour of the vineyards and winery by appointment.

18) Azienda Agricola Pomario
Loc. Pomario - Piegaro
+ 39  075 8358579 - +39 347 70680626 - www.pomario.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: Guided tour of the vineyards and winery, tasting of wine and olive oil by appointment. 5% discount on wine purchased on the premises

19) Società Agricola Casaioli Stefano
Strada Pievaiola, 321/H - Fontignano (PG)
+39 349 3822657 - www.agricolacasaioli.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount on the third box of six bottles of wine. Free winery tour

20) Podere Fontesecca
Voc. Fontesecca, 30 - Città della Pieve
 +39 349 6180516 - 347 5088409 - www.fontesecca.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount for wine purchased at the winery

21) Lamborghini estate
Loc. Soderi, 1 - 06064 Panicale (PG)
Tel. + 39 0758350029 www.tenutalamborghini.it
Yes Trasimeno Card: 10% discount on purchases in the cellar.

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