Cantine Aperte


From 25/05/2014 To 25/05/2014

Cantine Aperte

Open Wineries

Cantine Aperte, or the Open Wineries initiative, will return on Sunday, 25 May. Wineries all over Italy and more than 55 winery coops belonging to the Wine Tourism Movement in Umbria will open their doors and share the excellence of Umbrian winemaking with visitors right where it is made. 

It is a unique chance to taste the various wines produced by different wineries, meet the winemakers and get a better understanding of the effort it takes to make a quality product.  The setting is the charming Umbrian countryside and some of the wineries will also offer music, children’s entertainment, cooking lessons and demonstrations, as well as exhibitions and shows.

Over time, Cantine Aperte has become a philosophy, a style of travel and a way to discover Italian wine regions.  Every year more and more tourists, visitors and wine lovers come to enjoy this occasion to get to know more vineyards and have a different kind of experience.  Apart from a chance to taste the wines and buy them directly from the producer, one can also enter the winery and learn some of the secrets of winemaking and aging.

All throughout the country, young people, groups and couples contribute to enlivening the many food and wine initiatives, as well as the art put on show, organised by local winemakers.  Knowledge of the product has also contributed to making the event an ever-increasing success. 


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