Palio dei Terzieri, Trasimeno, Umbria


From 09/08/2017 To 09/08/2017

Città della Pieve

Palio dei Terzieri, Trasimeno, Umbria

The challenge is launched on 15 August and the “bull hunt” is on 20 August

 The historical parade and the Bull Hunt, a competition which sees the archers of the various quarters pitted against one another as they try to hit the “bull’s-eye” on large revolving wooden bulls.  Before the competition begins, some 700 locals, all dressed in vintage clothing (dressed as Pietro Vannucci, the painter and native son, had depicted them) and playing the roles of medieval farmers, lawyers, priests and ladies, head to the arena from their own neighborhoods in a lively, dramatic and very colourful parade.

For the duration of the festivities a variety of Umbro-Tuscan specialties will be available at the local Terzieri taverns. 

Info: Tel. +39 0578298840

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