Musica Insieme Panicale, lake Trasimeno, Umbria


From 18/08/2017 To 28/08/2017


Musica Insieme Panicale, lake Trasimeno, Umbria

Organised by the Culture Board of the City of Panicale for twenty years now, the festival features classic, ancient, modern and contemporary music thanks to the involvement of such internationally acclaimed composers as M° Klaus Huber and M° Younghi Pagh-Paan, both of whom helped to conceive the festival. They are now honorary citizens of Panicale. Since 2011, the festival has been run by Prof. Joachim Steinheuer, who has called upon a variety of Italian and foreign musicians, upcoming talent and established artists, and launched initiatives for introducing children to music. Every year brings a brand new and original line-up with fascinating musical adventures.


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