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Typical Products

The Fagiolina of Trasimeno

Cultivated here since the times of the Etruscans and the Greeks, this tiny bean thrives in the ideal climate and terrain of Lake Trasimeno.  It can be easily recognized by its small size and various colours.

The fagiolina is used by gourmets and great chefs in both traditional dishes and brand new modern recipes.  The Trasimeno Fagiolina Consortium was founded in 2002 to safeguard its production and guarantee its quality, and since 2002 it has been part of the Slow Food.

Trasimeno Fish

Fish has been a vital source of nutrition for the local people since time immemorial.  Today’s professional fishermen work together united by a cooperative.  The fish they catch are regina carp, eel, tench, royal bass, pike and silversides.  The regina carp is best cooked in porchetta and is Trasimeno’s best known fish.  It roe is used to make soups and as dressing for pasta dishes.  The area’s famous “tegamaccio”, which gets its name from the crock pot in which it is prepared, is a delicious fish soup.


The Saffron of Città della Pieve

This magical plant is famous for the beauty of its purple flower and its crimson red stigmas which dye everything a splendid yellow.  Today, saffron is mostly used in cooking and some of the finest local restaurants specialize in its use. 

There is now a consortium dedicated to safeguarding saffron, promoting its use and maintaining high production standards so that this local specialty will retain its unusual typical characteristics. 



The overall mild climate and the composition of the woods and plants in the Trasimeno area have led to the production of various types of high quality honey.  The millefiori variety is the most diffuse type of honey made by local beekeepers, but there is also chestnut honey, sunflower honey, acacia, heather, clover, honeysuckle, arbutus berry, sainfoin and honeydew honey.  Then there is royal jelly, propolis and hydromel, an ancient beverage with mythological connotations which has been enjoyed since time immemorial. 



The wine road of “Colli del Trasimeno”: an invitation to a journey among the vineyards and wineries which dot the hilltops between the lake and the Tiber River, a land which has cultivated grapes and made wine since time immemorial.

We would like to share the joy of a sensorial experience by going slowly from one vineyard to another, meeting their owners and winemakers, places where vines have given work to the men and women for hundreds upon hundreds of years.  A peaceful journey which will let you nose about here and there, let you enjoy the flavours and aromas of the earth, its changing colours with the seasons, the sunsets over the water, the softly rolling hills and the valley of the Tiber River between Perugia and Umbertide.  

The wine road of the “Colli del Trasimeno” is the ideal way to learn about the food and wine traditions of the area, its art, culture and nature.  It is a slow journey to explore the wonders of our local traditions, sustainable and eco-friendly.  Our wines are expertly made and have won prizes for their exquisite quality, and this will be your guide as you meander along the countryside discovering breathtaking views, history, art and culture. 

There are five itineraries to follow along the Wine Road, and as you travel you will find the peace and tranquility Il Perugino painted onto his canvases, the ancient history of the battles on the fields of Hannibal, the strength of the town towers and castles, the harmony of the water of the Tiber and enjoy the sound of the breeze as it blows through the oak and cypress trees: www.stradadelvinotrasimeno.it


The Trasimeno Wine  Protection Consortium


In January of 1997 the "Consorzio Tutela Vini Colli del Trasimeno" (or Wine Protection Consortium) came about with its own logo which, featuring a detail of a Perugino painting, shows the softly rolling hills that surround the lake.  Inspired by the beauty of the region, the consortium’s aim is to valorise the wines thanks to a contribution from the winemakers themselves, who for years have been active in the qualification of the product.  



Oil is one of the oldest and most typical products of this area. Extensive olive-groves cover the characteristic hills of the Trasimeno landscape with a thick mantle of silvery green, and yield a plentiful and top-quality product. In recognition of its
excellence, the European Union has assigned to it the status of DOP (Protected Designation of Origin). This denomination assures the presence of at least 15% of Moraiolo and Dolce Agogia olives and a minimum of 65% Frantoio and Leccino, whereas other varieties may have up to 20%.

The cultivar which characterises the Trasimeno area is the Dolce Agogia. It gives the oil a fruity flavour and a colour which ranges from golden yellow to green. It is light with a slight fruity flavour some bitter and spicy accents, making it especially good with delicate dishes and fish. Olive oil here is made by blending olives of different types such as Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo.

High quality blends. The DOP of each producer consents it to have a variety of scents and flavours according to the percentage of the different olives cultivated and blended: www.stradaoliodopumbria.it


Cured meats
The pig has always been a preferred animal (Divin Porcello) and its meat is the “Queen of the Dinner Table.”  Over the centuries, man has perfected the art of conserving the meat and processing it into fine cured meats: prosciutto, sausage, salami, coppa and capocollo made by many small local processing plants.